The media correlation tool

Attribute the right value to any media channel.

Media research

Deepdive into all your media data in a few clicks and discover valuable correlations and insights

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Media impact

Detect key factors of influence that impact your sales and conversion

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Understand and forecast synergies across Online/Offline media sources and optimize your media plans

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Adnautics is a marketing tool that helps media agencies and marketers prove in near real time the impact of their media buying strategies.

The tool has been designed by- and developed for marketers. It values the data that it aims to integrate into marketing strategies and the media mixes.
By ingesting any kind of data - both customer data (On / Off campaigns, KPI's business, Footfall traffic, online and offline conversion history) and external data (weather conditions, Google search trends, Competitors promotions and any kind of data via CSV file or direct FTP connectors) - Adnautics helps report and determine in real time the optimal media pressure, reach, capping, OTS, in order to achieve advertisers’s business goals.

Intuitively, Adnautics provides answers to both simple and complex media research questions thanks to efficient reporting capabilities boosted by Artificial Intelligence.

Adnautics centralizes and reports all campaign data in one place. This results - thanks to a strong data analysis model amplified with machine learning - in a huge gain of timing while analysing the campaigns data, finding key insights, and doing media research.

The media forecast module allows the media planner to estimate the impact of their decision in terms of budget, channel, inventory and formats on future sales and other relevant KPIs.

As part of exploratory research, the tool makes it possible - thanks to machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence - to highlight and “discover” the various influencing factors of a marketing mix on key business indicators.

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Import any kind of data

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Connect directly your campaign and analytics data to the tool and access realtime daily data


Analyse any campaign data via CSV Imports from any kind of source (Facebook, Offline Media Plan, Google Marketing Platform, Snapchat, etc.)


Correlate your data with external signals such as weather conditions, Google Trends, Footfall Traffic, etc.